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Golden Oriole

I his species occurs in deciduous woodland, preferring trees with high, open canopies. Females are well camouflaged, but even the vivid male is often hard to see as he searches the tree-top foliage for fruit and insects. The birds can be detected by their loud, fluting, three-note calls. They fly swiftly, often in shallow swoops. Iineasy on the ground, thev stay in the air even to bathe, splashing into water momentarily before returning to the safety of the trees.

• NliST A cup nest slung in a horizontal twig fork, made of grasses, wool, and strips of bark, finely lined, and situated high in the outer twigs of a tree.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in much of Europe, C. Asia, and N. India. Winters in Africa and India.


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Species Oriolus oriotus

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