Distriiii Tion

Plumage Sexcs a|¡ke

Habitat fff

Migration ,>.mia| migranI

Species Pi/ia guujana

big eyes for vision in poor light


Banded Pitta

Shady rain forests are the main habitat of this pitta, but it can also be found in secondary woodland (regrown after rain forest has been cleared). It can be seen hopping along the ground in search of snails, worms, beetles, and other large insects. Its call is loud and penetrating. white

• NEST A ball-shaped, wingpatch hollow structure made of vegetation and placed in a bush.

• DISTRIBUTION Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, and Bali.

big eyes for vision in poor light


Plumage Scxcs di(Tcr m

Migration Non-migrant

Species pina brarhyura

Blue Wini; Patch


large head -and eye powerful bill for digging

Blue Wini; Patch

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