huge feet strong legs

Red-winged Starling

The primary feathers on the broad wings of this slender, long-legged starling flash rich chestnut as the bird dips and swoops through the air. It feeds both on the ground and in the trees, taking fruit, insects, and sometimes nectar. When not breeding, it is often seen in small parties or larger flocks, but it breeds in separate, strongly bonded pairs. Its natural nest sites are in mountains, cliffs, and rocky hills, but it now also often nests on buildings. • NliST A mud bowl bound with plant fibers, in a crevice or on a ledge on a cliff, rocky outcrop, or wall. • DlSTRIBl 1TION Parts of Africa south of the Sahara.

Female distribution glossy plumage


Species Ijiniproiornis superbus

Length y in(18cm)

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