Great Frigatebird

I his bird is often seen soaring and gliding on the winds over coast and sea, with long wings extended. It feeds in the air. either swooping f*| '

to snatch fish from the sea or piratically attacking other seahirds and I_I

forcing them to drop or disgorge their food for its own consumption.

When breeding, male Great l-'rigatehirds inflate their red throat sacs in display.

• NliST A frail platform of twigs, placed in a low bush or tree, usually on an island.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds along coastlines of C. America, S. Brazil, E. Africa, S.E. Asia, and N. Australia, and on islands in the Pacific, . Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

Plumage Scxes d¡ff(;r


Species \rdea cinerea

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