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Species c.almrius oma/us

Length 6in(15cm)

r shortish

Chestnut-collared Longspur ,„u

I his shy, inconspicuous hunting breeds on short-grass prairies, feeding on seeds and insects. The male performs an attractive display flight, with a warbling song.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in C. North America. Winters in S. USA and Mexico.

The "spur" refers to its long hind claw, an adaptation to ground-dwelling.


Plumage &xes (lifTcr


Migration Migrant

Family EmbkriziijaE

Species p/trtroflhenax nivalis

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Snow Bunting

1 his species breeds on the tundra and in some mountain areas farther south. In winter, large flocks migrate south and out of the mountains, settling on exposed landscapes by the sea. The diet consists of seeds, with insects in summer.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in N. North America and Eurasia. Winters farther south. x^Sj^fc-^

• Remark females browner, with less ffi white plumage. Winter Male

• round head distribution while outer tail feathers

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