strong, swimming legs

Dalmatian Pelican

Th c distinctive features of this pelican are white plumage with hlackish wing tips, a short crest, and a pink or orange pouch beneath the bill. The species is sociable, and flocks often feed cooperatively by driving a school of fish into the shallows, then reaching underwater to scoop up fish and water together. This fills their bill pouches, which they drain by raising their heads. Breeding colonies are located in swamps.

• NliST A platform of grass and twigs on a floating mat of vegetation.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in Eurasia from the Adriatic Sea to C. China. Winters as far south as Egypt and N. India.

small, curly crest bill pouch

Plumage Scxcs a,ikc

Habitat ■...■■■

Migration Migrant

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