Plumage Sexes alike

Migration Migram heavy build migration study ring outward curling "mustache"

Inga Tern

This dark ¡»ray tern has characteristic, outward-curling, white plumes in the shape of a mustache. It flies over the sea, keeping close to the coast. Agile in flight, it feeds by dipping to snatch small fish from the sea surface. When the opportunity arises, it preys on shoals of fish as they flee in panic from sea lions, whales, and flocks of cormorants. It is often seen in large flocks.

• NEST A flat space in a crevice among rocks or in an old burrow of another seabird, such as a diving-petrel or penguin.

• distribution breeds in South America on coasts of Peru and N. Chile. Winters from Ecuador south to C. Chile.


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