crest raised in display sail-sliaped inner wing

Plumage Scxcs diffcr fit

Migration |>ar[ia| mi),ranI

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• bird rising in steep, rapid flight


blue and white wing

Female green, while, and black wing patch (speculum)

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Plumage Scxes dj(ïcr



Species ¡\tias phityrhynchos Length 73 ¡n (SH cm)

Plumage Sexcs di(Tcr

Migration part¡a, mÍRram

)F¿>m'!yA:VA77/Mf- ^Species ^rr/nxr ^Length /4y,)„ppcm)

Green-winged Teal

I his small dabbling duck often swims inconspicuously in shallow pools where marsh vegetation provides partial cover. If disturbed, it rockets up from the water in rapid flight, revealing a green, white, and black w ing patch (the speculum). It feeds on a wide range of plants and small animals, mainly eating seeds in winter and animal food in summer. As in other dabbling ducks, males utter whistling calls, but females quack.

• NliST A depression in dry grass, lined with down, among marsh plants.

• distribution Breeds in North America and Eurasia. Winters as far south as Central America, Africa, India, and S.E. Asia.



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