Golden-breasted Starling

With its slender build, tapering tail, and golden-yellow breast, this bird is an unusual form of glossy starling, differing from most in appearance and behavior. It feeds largely on insects hunted on the ground or in the air. and takes little fruit (the usual diet of glossy starlings). Small flocks feed together in tropical grassland with scattered trees, or in dry scrub. Nervous in manner, birds raise the alarm with a whistling chatter when disturbed. • NliST A tree hole lined with plant materials.

golden-yellow uudersidi

• DISTRIBUTION E. Africa Somalia to Tanzania.

• staling eye purple upper breast

short tail

Species ¿\crjdotheres tristis

strong feet for walking

I his grassland starling has adapted well to living in towns and villages. It is a robust bird with a fearless manner, identified by a white wing patch that shows when the wings open in flight. Outside the breeding season it is often seen in small parties or larger flocks, foraging in open places, gardens, or streets. Fruit, seeds, insects, worms, and household scraps are all eaten. At dusk the birds gather in large roosts in the trees, calling noisily with a range of gurgling, squawking, and clicking sounds. When breeding, males perform head-bowing displays to their partners, raising the bristly feathers on their foreheads.

• NliST A rough, bowl-shaped structure of grass, roots, and twigs, built in a tree hole or in a building.

• DISTRIBUTION From Iran toS.E. Asia. Introduced in Arabia, Africa, Australasia, and some Pacific islands.

• RBMARK In some of the areas where it has been introduced, the Common Mvna has harmed local native species by overcompetition food anil

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