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Great Blue Heron

I he largest of the American herons, this bird occurs in both freshwater and saltwater habitats, hunting in marshes and still or slow-flowing water for fish, frogs, and other creatures. Sometimes it wades up to its belly in search of fish. It also hunts on dry land, stalking prey in open habitats or standing still to watch for it. Mice, gophers, and other animals are taken. JUVEN1L

• NKST A shallow platform made of sticks, in a colony in trees, bushes, or at ground level in a marsh.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in much of North and Central America. Northern populations migrate south for the winter, some traveling as far as Venezuela.

• REMARK A pure white form, known as the

Great White

1 leron, occurs in the Caribbean and in S.E. USA.

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