Family QtiDIIMK

Species Qtis Mrda

Plumage Scxcs djflfcr

1 Non-migrant

Family QnDlDAE

Species Eupodotis afra

Length in (53 cm)

Black Bustard

I his is a sturdily built bird of grassland and other open landscapes. Both sexes have camouflaged upper-parts to prevent detection by predators overhead. Males have a black neck and underside, which arc conspicuous to other birds at ground level, l ¡j Black Bustards live in pairs, and-white each pair holding its own underside territory. The male utters a harsh, repetitive "cracker" call, cither from a raised pcrch or in a display flight. Displaying males rise in flapping flight, then drop slowly with fluttering wings and dangling legs. The birds feed on the ground, pairs sometimes walking together with sedate-steps and heads held high. They feed mainly on growing plants, also taking insects.

• NEST A slight hollow in the ground scrapcd by body pressure, V among tufts of grass.

• distribution Parts of southern Africa. I_I J

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