Northern Gannht

I his powerful and highly streamlined seabird is adapted for plunge-diving for fish. Gannets sometimes drop vertically into the sea, from heights as great as 148 ft (45 m). They often feed in flocks and catch mainly schooling fish, such as herrings and mackerel. Gannets fly strongly, alternately flapping and gliding, often in groups in single file. They nest in gannetries (colonies) on raised slopes and cliff tops, or on broad cliff ledges. Gannets are aggressive and the nests arc spaced by a distance corresponding to the bill reach of two sitting birds. Their calls are deep and harsh. Juveniles take five annual molts to attain adult plumage.

• NEST A mound of seaweed and debris, on the ground or on a ledge.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds on the ^^^^^^^ »bareskin coasts of the N. Atlantic Ocean. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ around Winters as far south as E. USA and W. Africa.

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