A familiar bird of scrubland, often 011 mountainsides, the Bushtit often forms parties of up to 20 birds and is frequently seen in gardens. It feeds on insects and small seeds. In some areas, the male has black ear patches, but these vary between individuals and its significance is unknown.

• NliST A finely woven structure of grasses and other plant materials, suspended from a branch.


Southern Form

An insect- and berry-eating bird of rain forest or scrub, this species may be detected by its song. This consists of a musical, whistling phrase ending ¡11 a whip-crack note.

• NEST A bowl of twigs, bark, grass, and spiderwebs, placed in the fork of a shrub.

• DISTRIBUTION Farts of Indonesia and Australia, and islands in S.W. Pacific.

• REMARK Has a profusion of subspecies, all with different colors. Femali stout head golden breast and belly

• lypirttl upright posture


Species Ke„,iz pendu/inus

nest entrance

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