FliMAI.fi white nape • patch aljstralasian magpie

Plumage Scxes diffcr fr«

Migration Non.migrant


Species Strrpera gnacu/ina

Pied Currawong

With its slender build, powerful bill, staring eyes, and slightly furtive manner, the I'ied Currawong appears intent on mischief. Indeed it is a nest robber during the breeding season, when it frequently feeds in the forest, taking eggs and nestlings as well as insects (particularly stick insects). It also eats berries anil carrion, and feeds on the ground, probing for insects in open, grassy places. In winter, large flocks roam nomadically, roosting communally and visiting towns and parks. The name is derived from the "curra-wong" call.

• NliST A large cup nest, lined, in a forked branch of a tree.

• Distribution

Forest regions of

E. Australia. long wing staring eye

> long tegs for walking

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