Species Cyanocitta stellen

Plumage Scxcs ,ltiKo

Habitat jfl>

Migration Nt,n.mjsrjn,

Steller's Jay

I his shy, slender-crested jay inhabits wooded hillsides, preferring open woodland, either coniferous or mixed, and areas of scattered trees Agile on the wing, it is adept at moving through branches and foliage, anil crosses open spaces with rapid, level flight. It usually occurs in pairs and families, although larger groups gather at a good food source, calling with a range of screeches and softer, low notes. The song is soft and sweet. In common with all other birds of the crow family, Steller's Jay can clamp food to the perch with its foot anil can hold an acorn and hammer it open with its bill. 'I'lic bill is also used for digging, and for stripping loose bark. The birds feed mainly 011 nuts, seeds, and fruits, and they bury acorns and seeds for winter. Insects and other invertebrates are taken.

as well as the occasional egg or nestling • NliST A bowl made of twigs, lined with fine rootlets, and placed in a tree.

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