Species CymbHaimus imeatus

distribution hooked bill

hooked bill

Fasgiated Antshrike

A heavy bird with a sluggish appearance, the Fasciatcd Antshrike hunts insects in vine tangles at the rain forest edge.

• NliST A cup nest situated in a bush or a tree fork.

• distribution From Honduras through Colombia as far south as N.W. Ecuador. On east side of Andes, from Colombia to n. Bolivia and Brazil.


Plumage Sexes differ

Migration Non-migrant raised erest

Female distribution


Species Taretba major

Great Antshrike

Living in the undergrowth of secondary forests (regrown after forest clearance), this species usually moves hookeei about in pairs, hopping ^U through thickets, and pausing to peer after their insect prey.

• NliST An open cup nest made of grass and leaves, suspended by its outer rim from a twig in a low bush or thicket.

• Distribution From s. Mexico to Brazil and N. Argentina.

raised erest

Female distribution

Plumage Scxcs diffcr


Migration Mon-migrant


Species Thamnophilus palliarus

Length 6 ¡n (15 cm)


stout, hooked bill

• tough feet fora secure grip on perch white Hues from which the bird gets its name

Lined Antshrike

Ibis thickset bird hops about in the dense undergrowth of forest edges, or sometimes in clearings with bushes. It snatches insects and spiders with its stout, hooked bill.

• NliST A cup nest of grass and leaves, built into a branch fork, and hidden in the undergrowth.

• Distribution Much of

Brazil, and neighboring countries north to Colombia and south to Bolivia.

e.mai stout, hooked bill

• tough feet fora secure grip on perch white Hues from which the bird gets its name distribution spread tail for

typical antbird posture, dinging to a plant stem


white eye stripe balancing a id

White-plumed Antbird

1 his lowland rain forest bird sometimes forms large flocks. It can often be seen following army ant swarms and clinging to vertical stems, before swooping on insects disturbed by the advancing ants.

• NEST A cup nest inside a mass of dead leaves in a bush.

• DISTRIBUTION N. Amazon Basin in Brazil and countries

DISTRIBUTION to the west and north.

white fare am! crest


Species Formicwora mfa

Plumage ScX(;s djffcr

Habitat ¿f

Migration Non-migrant


Species Myrmecixa exsid

Plumage Scxcs t|iflcr m

Migration Non-migrant


Species pi/iys „lb,from

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