Egyptian Plover

A bold, black "halter" band contrasting with areas of white, gray, and chestnut brown characterize this bird. It is adapted to life on hot sandbanks along large rivers in the tropics. Here it feeds on insects, catching them on the ground as it runs, or reaching up to snatch at flying ones. On the wing, it moves with rapid, low flight. It usually occurs in pairs or small parties. The calls are short, harsh, high pitched notes. Nesting birds bury their eggs in the sand to prevent them from overheating and moisten them with water, fetched by wetting their belly feathers in the river.

• DISTRIBUTION Tropical Africa.

fast-running legs

Family Gl.ARKOl.IDAK

Species (ïyrsorius remminekii

stripes meeting at the

long, fast-running legs slender

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