Family |>ASSKRII)A1.

Species Passer domesricus

Plumage Scxcs differ

Migration |,aftia| migram

Family pAfiSK R11 >AK

Species .MontifringiUa nivalis

Plumage Sexcs a);kc

Habitat ^

Migration Non.migrant

Family pL0CE|DA,.:

Species Sporopipts frontalis

Lengthy in (11 cm)

Speckle-fronted Weaver

I ante and confiding, this grassland bird is seen in small flocks that feed on the ground, mainly eating grass seeds. At dusk, groups of three or four birds gather to roost, packed closely together on tree branches, or sometimes in thin-roofed "nests," constructed only for roosting. In flight, birds titter a pleasant contact call. The song is rolling and musical and is interspersed with chirping notes, uttered particularly when taking flight, to alert other birds.

• NEST A hollow ball woven out of dry grass, with an entrance tube at the side, placed in a tree.

• DISTRIBUTION Tropical Africa, from the southern Sahara through Ethiopia to Kenya.

White-winced Snoweinch

House Sparrow speckled forehead

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