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Inhabiting alpine meadows and barren, rocky crags and screes up as high as the snow line, the Snow Finch feeds mainly on seeds.

• NEST A bulky Clip nest made of grasses, leaves, hairs, and feathers, and situated in a rock crevice or wall.

• Distribution isolated areas in mountain ranges in S. Europe, Turkey, Iran, W. Mongolia, C. Asia, and Himalayan region.


I his species evolved as a seed-eater but now lives in close association with man. Its ability to feed on anything from worms and fruit to kitchen scraps has enabled it to flourish in countries far beyond its original range.

• NliST An untidy nest of grass and other materials, often on buildings.

• Distribution

Originallv Eurasia, n. Africa, Middle Fast. Introduced in many other countries. FEMALE

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