Golden-breasted Bunting

A brightly colored hunting of open-country habitat, this species is recognized by its deeply undulating flight and a habit, when alighting, of flicking its tail. It feeds on the ground, taking seeds and insects. Outside the breeding season, it joins mixed feeding flocks composed of other huntings and canaries.

• NliST A shallow cup nest made of grass and roots, lined with fine rootlets, and placed close to the ground in a low bush or tree.

• Distribution Open-country areas of Africa south of the Sahara. female black-and-white head

Plumage Sexcs di(Tcr frf J*

Migration Non-migrant


Species Emberiza srhoeniclus

Reed Bunting

In spring, males of this species perch on the tops of reeds or bushes, uttering their three-note song. In winter. Reed Buntings join flocks of seed-eating birds on farmland. They feed on the ground, taking seeds and insects.

• NliST A cup nest made of grasses, placed in vegetation on the ground or in a bush, usually close by water.

• Distribution Breeds in

Eurasia from \V. Europe to Japan. Migrant populations winter in S. Europe, N. Africa, Middle East, N. China, and N. Japan. Femal

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