yellow throat patch fami|y Mei.iphagidae

Species a nthoehaera paradoxa

Yellow Wattleb i r d long, tapering tail •

distriui hon

strong feel for clinging to a tree perch

Habitat jg f^

Migration Nun.nljKrJn, strong feel for clinging to a tree perch distriui hon

1 lie largest of the honeyeaters, the Yellow Wattlehird is a slender, ungainly bird with characteristic wattles dangling from the cheek. Hocks visit eucalyptus trees to feed on insects and nectar. They also eat fruit from low shrubs, and sometimes from orchards, and use garden birdfecders. This aggressive and noisy bird can be recognized by its harsh, guttural call notes.

• NEST A loose Clip Iiest made of twigs, leaves, and bark, lined with down and feathers, and placed in a high, upward-pointing tree fork.

• Distribution Tasmania.

cheek wattles spotted breast ye/tow belly patch

Habitat jg f^

Plumage Scxcs jiikc

Migration Nun.nljKrJn, yellowish undertait

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