Scarlet Ibis

No other wading bird or shorebird has starlet plumage like that of this species. It is all the more conspicuous because it usually occurs in flocks in open habitats. The slender, curved bill is used for probing into shallow water and mud for food. A bird of estuaries and coastal mudflats, lagoons, mangrove trees, and swamps, it feeds in flocks and roosts communally in swamp trees. It probes for crabs, mollusks, and other small creatures on mudflats, and small fish, frogs, and insects in marshes. The call is high pitched and plaintive.

• NliST A loose platform of sticks in a treetop, often over water, in a colony.

• DISTRIBIITION Coasts and marshes of N. South America from Venezuela to S. Brazil. JUVENILE

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