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\\ hen this bird is perched, its bare face patches are its most distinctive feature. In night, the white rump, tail coverts, and wing patches become more conspicuous. The species lives in trees, favoring those with open space around them. These include tall trees rising above the surrounding rain forest, trees at the forest edge, and single trees on open ground. The Yellow-faced Myna occurs in pairs or small parties by day but often gathers in flocks at dusk to roost. The birds feed mainly on forest fruits, but occasionally fly out from the branches to snatch swarming WiNt; insects in midair. Perched birds PATTERN

utter frequent, croaking calls. When breeding, pairs are often assisted at the nest by a "helper," typically one of the previous season's brood.

• NEST A bowl-shaped nest of twigs, leaves, and dry stems, built in a tree cavity well above-ground.

• DISTRIBUTION New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago, anil the Solomon Islands.


Yellow-faced Myna

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