Lanner Falcon

A robust hunting falcon, the Lanner occurs in desert and savanna (tropical and subtropical grassland) with occasional rocky crags on which it perches and nests. The species also occurs in open woodland. Lanners hunt either by striking small birds in the air after a steep dive (stoop) or by seizing ground prey, which they approach in fast, low flight. Prey taken in flight includes fruit hats and winged termites as well as birds, (¡round prey includes francolins (seepp. 111-112), guineafowl (seep. Ill), and small bustards such as the Black Koorhaan (see p. I JO). When birds are scarce, rats and large burrowing desert lizards are caught. Lanners are usually silent but nesting pairs utter shrill, screaming and chattering calls.

• NliST a hollow on a ledge on a cliff or building, or an old nest of a larger species.

• DISTRIBUTION S.E. Europe. Middle East, and much of Africa.

• REMARK Females arc-larger than males.

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