Family Craudak

Species \n,u mttu

Len8th 35 in (90 cm)

heavy head with small crest

Plumage Scxcs ,,|ikc

Migration Non-migrant

Species ¡i/eleagris gallopavo

fully funned • lull

In the wild, turkeys arc cautious and evasive birds of forest edges and clearings. They feed on the ground, taking berries, seeds, nuts, other parts of plants, and invertebrates. In winter. Wild Turkeys often live in (locks. Some flocks are segregated, containing birds of only one sex. In spring, the breeding male displays with his tail spread, attracting a small flock of females that nest individually after mating.

• NliST A shallow hollow in the ground, sparsely lined with leaves and stems, often in vegetation.

• DISTRIBUTION Patchily FEMALE distributed in S. Canada, much of USA. and N. Mexico.

fully funned • lull

Wild Turkey

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