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Species Moh/is/1 nigrifrons

Black-fronted Nunbird rounded

A sleek and alert-looking puffbird, this species watches for prey at all levels within the vegetation. It sits quietly, then swoops to snatch an insect as it flies past, or takes insects and other invertebrates from the foliage or from the ground. Moving frequently, it Hies from perch to perch with a few, rapid wingbeats followed by a glitle. At times it ^ ^

follows troops of monkeys for '

the insects they disturb. It

occurs singly, in pairs, or in small groups and is seen at riversides, in swampy forest, and in secondary forest

(areas where the trees have regrown after clearance). The birds call frequently, and at times whole groups chorus for several minutes. Some members of groups act as nesting "helpers."

• NKST A burrow cut in a bank or at an angle into the ground.

• DISTRIBUTION South America east of the Andes in Colombia, Peru, n. Bolivia, and Brazil.

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