• strong feel for running and scratching

Red-necked Francolín

Identified by its red face and throat, this partridge lives in hot. dry countries. Throughout its wide range, it is a bird of the lowlands, living in scrub and open woodland, at the forest edge, and in wooded gorges. Red-necked I rancolins live either in pairs or in family parties and will sometimes allow franeolins of other species to feed alongside them in their territories. Their diet consists mainly of seeds, shoots, leaves, and berries, but they also scratch the ground for roots and bulbs and take insects and other invertebrates. They do not readily flv, preferring to escape danger by running.

• NEST A hollow formed by body pressure, lined w ith grass and roots, and surrounded by thick vegetation.

• Distribution Africa from Gabon and Kenya south to the coastal strip of South Africa.

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