Stripe-breasted Starti iroat

Green and violet iridescence on the crown and throat and a dark breast illuminated by a vertical white stripe feature in the Starthroat's hovering, frontal display. It is a bird of woodland edges, scrub, and tall grass with scattered trees. Usually solitary, it is seen resting near the tip of an exposed dead twig in a tree. Besides nectar, it takes insects in flight.

• NliST A shallow cup nest, made of plant material and spider- spread webs, placed on the top of a twig. tail

• Distribution e. Brazil.

horizontally beating wings as bird lands

Family trochilidae

Species Arch i loch us colubris

Length 354 in (9 cm)

rijby-throated hummingbird

I his migrant species visits birdfeedcrs and garden flowers in summer. Besides its main diet of nectar, it takes insects and spiders. • NliST A small cup nest made of plant down, hound with spidcrwebs and covered with lichen.

• Distribution Breeds in

K. North America. Winters in S. Florida, Central holds position distribution Female w America, accurately in hovering flight

Plumage Scxcs diffi;r

Habitat ^ jj- ^

Migration Mjgrant


Species Cutypteanna

Length yA jn (9 5 cm)

iridescent ear patch iridescent throat patch

inner flight feathers curve forward as bird hovers


Anna's Hummingbird

Living in woodlands, gardens, and scrub, this bird feeds on nectar and insects. Males have a red head, females a red-flecked throat.

• Nest a cup nest of stems, plant down, and feathers, bound with spider-

webs, and placed on a level twig.

» Distribution

Breeds in W. usa. Winters as far south as iridescent ear patch iridescent throat patch

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