White-throated Sparrow

Normally a ground-feeding bird of woodland and undergrowth, eating seeds and insects, this species also visits gardens. Its whistled song is heard in all seasons.

• NliST A cup nest, lined with rootlets. placed on the ground or in a bush.

• distribution Breeds in Canada and N.E. USA. Winters in I ISA and N. Mexico.

• REMARK 111 adult birds, the patch in front of the eye varies from white to vellow. Juvenile

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Species junco hyemaHs

White-winged Form

This ground-feeding bunting scratches for seeds and insects in forest edges anil glades. It varies regionally: some forms are brown and others have black heads, but most arc gray with a dark head.

• Distribution

Breeds in Canada, in northerly and mountainous parts of USA, and in N. Mexico. Northern birds migrate south. distribution

White-winged Form

Dark-hyhd Jijnco

Female of Slate-gray Form


Species spisfHa arborea

chestnut crown white ha,

for winter warmth

American Tree Sparrow

A bird of open country with busby cover, this bunting is identified by the dark spot on its gray breast. In winter it joins mixed Hocks of ground-feeding birds, taking seeds and invertebrates.

• NEST A shallow cup nest of grasses and other coarse vegetable materials, lined with feathers, and placed in a low bush or on the ground

• Distribution Breeds in Alaska and N. Canada. Winters

DISTRIBUTION in LISA as far south as Texas.

chestnut crown white ha, for winter warmth

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Poospiza nigrorufa

white stripe over eye black

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