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Species p/paus ocularis

Length jn (16 cm)

pale rye in black streak


green back

Living in scrub, thickets, and riverside forests, and spreading into farms and suburban gardens, this shy species rarely emerges from cover. Pairs creep up antl down stems, foraging for their prey of insects, spiders, and millipedes, and also taking nectar, seeds, and fruit. Males hang upside down from the nest in their display.

• NEST a rounded, finely woven nest, suspended from a twig over water, with a long entrance tube hanging down below.

• Distribution Parts of Africa south of the Sahara. Female pale rye in black streak


green back

Plumage Scxcs di(Tcr j* !hi

Migration Non.migrant

Species p/oreus ciicullaltis

Village face mask Weaver

Africa's commonest weaver, this bird forms colonies in trees, often near villages. It feeds on insects and seeds. Males display by hanging below the nest, fluttering their wings.

• NEST An oval nest of reeds, sedges, and grasses, with a nest chamber on one side and an entrance chamber on the other, with a vertical entrance tube hanging below.

• DISTRIBUTION Much of Africa south of the Sahara, except in desert areas.

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