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Plumage Sexes alike

Habitat fjf

Migration Non-migrant ya L

Family (»rvidak

Species Calocilta colliei

Length 28 ln (70 cm)

Plumage Sexes alike

Habitat fjf

Migration Non-migrant

Family CoRVIDAF.

Species Garru/us g/andarius

Length 14 jn (35 cm)

Black-throated Magpie-Jay

With its flamboyant, forward-arching crest and long, tapering tail, this species is exceptionally ornate for a jay. When the bird is excited, its crest rises up and extends forward until the tip hangs over the front of the bill. Typically found in open woodland on lower hill slopes and along rivers, it feeds mainly among the trees, taking insects and fruit such as berries. The birds forage in small parties, communicating with a variety of calls and noisily mobbing potential predators. Reports of more than one individual feeding an incubating female suggest that the parties may stay together throughout the year. • NEST A structure made of twigs and lined with rootlets and plant fibers, built in a tree up to 100 ft (30 m) above the ground.

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