Family psm A(;lDAR

Species Eo/ophus roseicapillus

G alai i eastern form • has a slightly pinker crest

A gray and pink cockatoo with a folding crest, the Galah is the commonest species of parrot in Australia. Large flocks maneuver in the air over open country or feed on the ground, uttering screeching contact calls. Their habitats also include thinly wooded areas, as well as lines of woodland alongside rivers. The Cialah feeds on grain and other seeds, leaf buds, and insects. It also digs up roots, tubers, and invertebrates with its bill. The species thrives on cereal fields. Its numbers increased enormously with the spread of wheat growing in Australia. It has long since come to be considered an agricultural pest. Galah pairs stay together for life, and share the tasks of caring for the young, l-'ledgling (iaiahs live together in flocks in the treetops, and juveniles spend their first two or three years in large flocks that roam about the country. • NEST a hollow in a branch or trunk of a tree, lined with a layer of eucalyptus leaves. •DlSTRIBl JTION Australia, except for wetter coastal areas.

Plumage Scxcs a|ikc



Species Xymphtcus hottandicus

light red i cheek patch


• arhite wing patch

ra ised i crest

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