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Species Sarcoraniphus papa

Kino Vulture

Living chiefly in rain forest, this vulture is recognized by pied plumage, a brightly colored head, broad wings, and a short tail. In calm weather, it Hies low over the treetops or descends to the forest floor to feed. On warm days, it finds rising air currents (thcrmals) and circles to gain height. Foraging birds often leave the forest for tropical grassland, particularly in areas where cattle are ranched. Though not normally sociable. King Vultures sometimes gather at a large carcass. I lere they take precedence over other species because of their greater size and strength. Within the forest. King Vultures are not easily observed, but are known to take stranded fish from sandbanks in forest rivers. They are also thought to kill small reptiles and young mammals.

• NEST Few data recorded; where observed, the single egg has been placed in a hollow in a forest tree stump

• DISTRIBUTION Mexico to N. Argentina.

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bulging ctvp stores recently eaten food

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