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Family StrIGIDAK

Species Athene noctua

Plumage Sexes alike

Migration Non.mjgram

Species spentyto cunicuiaria

long legs for running and waiting short, rounded wings


Species spentyto cunicuiaria

Burrowing Owl

Small but long-legged, this is a ground-dwelling owl of open, grassy plains. The facial disks are wide-set and the forehead is low, imparting a permanent frown. At all times of the year, this species frequents a burrow in the ground, which is used for breeding in the season and as a refuge at other times. Being mainly a night-time hunter, it is seen only in the vicinity of the burrow during the day, disappearing inside if alarmed. Flight is low and undulating, a scries of rapid wingbeats alternating with brief glides. The Burrowing Owl hunts by swooping from a perch or from the air, or it may hover first, then drop down onto prey. It feeds mainly on insects, particularly grasshoppers and beetles, and sometimes takes lizards, snakes, mice, rats, and birds. It utters a cooing hoot and a clucking alarm note.

• NEST A chamber in the old burrow of a ground squirrel or other mammal, or a burrow dug by the pair, lined with stems or dry dung.

• DISTRIBUTION From S.W. Canada, W. USA, Florida, and Central America to S. South America.

long legs for running and waiting

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