chestnut breast


Family EmbERI/.IDAK

Species Sica/isftaveota


Saffron Finch

I his scrub and grassland bird is easily identified by the intense yellow plumage of the male, with a darker yellow, almost orange, patch at the front of the crown. Flocks arc commonly seen feeding quietly on the ground, taking small seeds.

• NEST 111 cavities or abandoned nests of other scrub and grassland birds.

• DISTRIBl rriON Scattered areas in South America. Also Trinidad. Introduced in Panama, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

• REMARK A popular cage bird.


This boldly colored little secd-eater inhabits the shrubby edges of areas of open grassland. Flocks are often seen on the ground, feeding on small seeds. The song is soft and pleasant. • NliST A spherical nest made of grass, with a side entrance, situated low in a bush or tree.

• Distribution

Cuba. Introduced population in New Providence Island in distribution — the Bahamas. Femai I


Species 'p¡aris canora

Plumage Scxcs Ji)Tcr

Habitat jf

Migration Non.migran,


Species (¿eospiza fuliginosa

Plumage Scxcs tllfTcr slightly tit >*■

Migration Non.migranI


Species pip -fa erythrojihthalmus

cljban grassquit yellow collar

Small Ground-Finch

Common within its restricted island range, this unobtrusive but lively little finch feeds both on small seeds and insects. It is the smallest of three species of ground-finch. It sometimes forms mixed flocks together with these and other finches.

• NliST A loose cup made of twigs, grasses, and pieces of bark, lined with lichen, feathers and cottonheads, located in a bush or cactus.

• Distribution Galapagos islands (off the Pacific coast of Ecuador).

• REMARK One of 14 Galapagos finch species featured in Charles Darwin's evolutionary studies, with a range of bill shapes adapted to specialized diets. distribition male is than the female

Rijfous-sided Towhee

A seed-eater with a long tail and short legs, this bird is adapted to a terrestrial life-style. It feeds on the ground, usually in or close to cover, taking both seeds and insects.

• NliST An open, loosely made cup nest, situated on or close to the ground.

• Distribution s. Canada, usa, and much of Mexico. Northern populations winter in the south of this range.

• Remark Plumage, especially that of female M

birds, varies geographically. western Female wh ite spots m __

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