Campo Oriole

A slender, boldly marked bird, this specics lives in forest, woodland, and scattered trees. Pairs forage at various heights in the trees, but typically low down, taking insects and fruit. They do not join mixed flocks.

• NliST A loosely woven bag made of plant fibers, hanging from a branch.

• Distribution Parts of

Brazil and surrounding countries.

• REMARK This bird is often regarded as a race of the Troupial detents icterus).

orange crown white wing patch short, strong legs

Plumage Scxcs a,ikc

Habi,al iii 9Ü >t-

Migration Non-migrant


Species Icterus galhula

Length 8,/, in (22 cm)

yellow face with dark eye stripe

Northern Oriole

I his bird lives in tall trees in forests and open woodland, hunting insects and also taking berries and other fruits.

• NliST A deep, purse-shaped nest made of long plant fibers, slung from the tip of a branch.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in S. Canada, much of USA, and Mexico. Winters in Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, and Jamaica.

• REMARK Forms breeding in Western and Eastern USA ate known as Bullock's and Baltimore Orioles, respectively. Baltimore Female yellow face with dark eye stripe

Species Xanthocephcdus xanthocephalus

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