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Str aw-h faded B ulbul

The largest of all the hulbuls, this bird is usually found in trees and bushes. It occurs at the rain forest edge anil in secondary growth (areas where trees have regrown after forest clearance). Its diet consists chiefly of fruit, buds, and berries, which it supplements with some insects. The song is loud anil strong, consisting of a clear, melodious warbling. This species is shy anil inconspicuous, more often heard than seen. Among its own Hocks, which usually consist of half-a-dozen birds, it behaves in a quarrelsome manner, constantly uttering a harsh and noisy chatter. When excited, the birds raise the short, bristly feathers on the front of their crowns to form a small, straw-colored crest.

• NliST A shallow, cup-shaped nest of rootlets, grass, and leaves, placed in a bush or low tree.

• DISTRIBUTION Malay Peninsula. Borneo, Sumatra, and Java.

• RliMARK This bird has become-rare in much of its range as a result of trapping for the local cagebird trade.

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