Bald Eagle l itis large eagle gets its food from a wide range of sources. Most of its victims are caught live, including ducks, gulls, other seabirds, fish from lakes or the sea, and salmon from rivers. Bald Kaglcs challenge Ospreys (seep. <W), forcing them to abandon their catch. They also feed on dead and dying fish as well as other carrion.

• Nl •;ST A large structure of sticks and twigs, situated in a tree close to water.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in much of North America. Northern populations winter in S. USA and parts of Mexico.

• REMARK Females larger than males.

strong, grasping feet

Plumage Scxc¡¡ aHkc

Migration 1>ar[ja| migram


Species Haï,„fetus albirilla

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