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Plumage SexL.s dj(Tcr iL. >r


Species Centrocercus urophasianus Lé .51 in (HO cm)/22 in (55 cm)

hairlite crest un the nape

Sage Grouse

feathers niSTHIBl TION

hairlite crest un the nape feathers

Sage Grouse

I dwelling in extensive scrub formed by sage bushes, this species alternates between the plains in winter and the foothills in summer. It feeds on sage leaves and insects. In spring, groups of males advertise themselves to the females over a distance, spreading out their tails in a spiky fan. swelling out their necks, anil repeatedly inflating the air sacs on their breasts. They utter deep, bubbling noises, females select a mate and subsequently nest alone.

• NliSTA hollow in the ground, often situated under a sage bush.

• DISTRIBUTION Interior of W. North America.

Plumage Sexes differ

Migration Non-migrant

Species CaHipepta california!

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