pronounced, \ellowisli

Wood W

A tree-crown warbler, (his species feeds and roosts in the forest canopy, but nests at ground level. Areas of tall forest lacking undergrowth are favored. This species is brighter and yellower than the Eurasian Chiffchaffand has a shivering, trilling song. It feeds on insects.

• NliST A domed nest of vegetation, placed on or near the ground.

• Distribution Breeds in

Kurope. Winters in equatorial Africa.

Plumage Scxes a|ikc m

Migration Mu,rJnI

Family gy| v

Species Seieerrus monfis

Length 4,/,in(115cm)


Yellow-breasted Warbler

Th is warbler occurs on mountain scrub and forest clearings. It often joins mixed feeding flocks and can be seen snatching insects from the undersides of leaves. Its trilling song is high pitched and disjointed.

• NEST A domed nest of grass and mosses, placed in a rock crevice.

• DISTRIBUTION S. Malaysia. Borneo, Sumatra, islands of K. Indonesia as far as New Guinea, and W. Philippines.


Plumage Scxcs alike


Species Sykiu atricapilla

olive green back


• narrow wings, typ ical of a migrant warbler


I lie exuberant song of this bird, often heard from high in the trees, contrasts with its extremely basic color scheme. It feeds 011 insects and berries.

• NEST a hair-lined cup nest made of grass, placed low in the undergrowth.

• Distribution Most of Kurope; also N. Africa, Middle East, and parts of C. Asia. Winters from S.W. Kurope to equatorial Africa. Female distribution

• narrow wings, typ ical of a migrant warbler olive green back

Family Syi.VMDAE

Species Xy/vtrt communis


rufous-tinted • wingfeathers

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