Diamond Dove

A tiny dove with a long, white-edged tail, this species occurs in scrub and bushes. Usually seen in pairs or small flocks, it feeds on the ground, eating small seeds, and also taking leaves and buds. In flight, a chestnut orange patch on the wings is revealed. Birds often visit waterholes in the late afternoon to drink. The call is a high pitched, plaintive coo.

A small platform made of very fine twigs and plant stems, placed in a tree.

• DISTRIBUTION Semi-arid and desert areas of N., W„ and

DISTRIBUTION interior Australia.

With its upright posture, short wings and tail, cinnamon brown plumage, and thin, erect crest, this pigeon is readily recognizable. It lives among clumps of prickly spinifex grass in semidescrt and desert areas, within reach or water. Its diet consists of seeds, with occasional insects.

• NEST A slight hollow formed by body ^^ pressure, sometimes lined with twigs, often under a clump of spinifex grass.

• Distribution

Drier areas of Australia north of the Tropic of distribution Capricorn.

Family Coi.UMBIDAK

Speeles Pemphassaplumífera Length 8,/; in cm)

Plumage Scxcs ;,Mkc

Migration Non-migrant


Species Ceope/ia cunéala


Migration Non-migrant


Species Columbina passerinei

bare skin around

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