decorative fiant plumes


Species Dendrocygna ry, eyloni

Length 24 jn (60 cm)



I lie slim, upright body, long neck, and long legs of this species are typical of whistling-ducks. In flight the head and neck are extended and droop slightly downward, giving the bird a humpbacked look. Plumed Whistling-Ducks are sociable birds, living in noisy flocks close to water, moving from area to area as wetlands dry out seasonally. Pairs stay together for life and nest on dry land, later leading the young back to the water. They also feed on land, eating leaves and seeds of grasses and low-growing plants. They visit marshes during drier periods to feed on sedges and rushes.

• nest a hollow in the ground among vegetation, lined with grass and usually sheltered by a bush, hidden a little distance from water.

• Distribution n. and e. Australia.

• remark The name is derived from the loud, whistling calls that ducks in a flock constantly utter to one another.

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