Species Vanet/us vanellus

Length 12 in (30 cm)

Northern Lapwing female's throat and face are whiter than the male's in

A conspicuous bird of farmland and grazing marshes, the Lapwing is (35L •slender, most noticeable in spring, when i black the male performs a tumbling display flight over the nest territory, uttering wild "peewit" calls. The species prefers to feed in short, grazed grass and hunts by sight, making short runs and sudden, forward-tilting pecks at the ground. The diet consists of earthworms, insects, and other small invertebrates. After nesting the birds begin forming into flocks. These migrate to moister, milder wintering areas, most often in the west

• NEST a hollow, scraped with the feet and shaped by body pressure, on open ground or in grass, lined with plant stems and grass from within reach.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds across Eurasia Winters as far south as N. Africa and N.W. India but mainly in Europe.

Winter (Both


Summer Male

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