Distribi Tion

Family V'ikeqN'IDAF.

Species yJnr0 ftavifrons

Length 51/iin (14 cm)


Yellow-th roated Vireo

A large vireo with bright yellow eye patches and throat, this species is common in woodland edges and thickets, where it searches carefully for insects at mid-heiglu in the foliage. It is relatively tame and will allow an observer to approach.

• NEST An intricate cup nest of grass and other vegetable materials, hung from a branch,

• Distribution Breeds in S.E. Canada and E. USA. Winters in C. Amcrica and N. South America.

wing bars yellow spectacles"

DISTRIBUTION gray rump tailfeathers


Species Ytreo o/ivaceus


« long, tapering wings of u migrant

Red-eyed Vireo p^pT

T his woodland bird is usually hidden in the high treetops but can be detected by its song when breeding. It feeds mainly on insects, taking berries in autumn and winter.

• NliST A cup of grasses, bark strips, and lichens, slung below a branch.

• Distribution Breeds in much of Canada and USA. Winters as far south as N. Argentina and Uruguay. Juvenilis


« long, tapering wings of u migrant

Plumage Scxes a|ikc


Migration v|ij,r,,m

Family lcrrERIDAE

Species icterus jamaicaii

orange crown white wing patch

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