bird maneuvering in an updraft over nest site legs lowered for landing

A stout-bodied seabird with a rounded head and thick bill, this species occurs in color phases (seep. 13) from gray-and-white to dark blue-gray. It flies strongly, alternating a few quick wingbeats with a glide on stiffly spread wings. When feeding, it catches fish at the sea surface or dives to depths up to several feet, taking small animals drifting in the plankton. Flocks also gather around fishing boats for offal. Fulmars nest on coastal cliffs, singly or in noisy colonics.

• NEST Kggs are laid on a bare ledge on a cliff or crag.

• Distribution Breeds on N. Atlantic and N. Pacific coasts. Disperses out to sea in winter.

tubular nostrils on the bill

Dark Phase wings held level • for gliding

Plumage Sexes aHkc

Habitat <|a

Migration M¡Rfant


Species Daption capense

DISTRIBUTION checkered plumage

Flying Adult

Plumage iScxcs 3|jkc

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