ruffled wing feathers


Species '¡'hinocoms orbignyianus

short, stout, plant-eating hill

short, stout, plant-eating hill

Gray-br easted S e e dsn ipe

This hardy species lives on the high plateau of the southern Andes, only moving to lower altitudes during severe weather. It is a ground-dwelling bird with a round body and short legs, using its short, stubby bill to feed on seeds, berries, and other parts of plants. It walks and runs rapidly but, if alarmed, crouches and relies on camouflage. When forced to flee, it escapes in zig-zag flight, usually returning to cover after a short distance. Both sexes utter brief alarm or contact calls. Birds also perform a repetitive, cooing song, either from the top of a rock or in a low display flight. • NliST A depression in an open site or among low vegetation, sparsely lined with plant fragments.

• DISTRIBUTION Southern Andes, and extreme south of South America.

• REMARK This bird evolved from

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