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With a banded pattern on its breast and face and a raucous, braying call, this bird is easily recognized as one of the "jackass" penguins that occur in South Africa, South America, and the Galapagos Islands. It feeds in the cold but fish-rich Humboldt Current, taking anchovies, pilchards, and other surface-schooling fish, as well as sc|iiid. The penguins hunt in groups or small flocks, diving simultaneously to chase and herd the fish underwater. Breeding success or failure is linked to the season's supply of fish. I lumholdt Penguins nest in large colonies of burrows, using caves if they can find no suitable soil for burrowing. I,ike most nestling penguins, the two downy young grow and fatten until they look a little larger than their parents before-molting into their first adult plumage.

• NEST A bare hollow in a burrow, cave, or rock crevice, situated close to the sea.

• REMARK Commercial quarrying for fertilizer has destroyed many colonies of burrows and taken away the soil, forcing the birds to nest in caves or rock crevices.

aving is reduced to a flipper short, webbed • toes

• bare, orange shin black breast band

Plumage Sexcs a|¡kc

Habitat n»js w.

Migration Non-migrant

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