Distkiiii Ition

black display plumage on underside


American Golden Plover

I lie combination of a gold-spanglcd back, a black underside, and a black face surrounded by a white-border make this a spectacular plover. The back is camouflaged against tundra vegetation for safety from birds of prey, but the black underside is visible to other birds at ground level, especially in the display flight. This spccics breeds on drier areas of the Arctic tundra and winters on coasts, marshes, and sometimes grassland. It feeds in the typical manner of a plover, running rapidly and snatching prey from the ground, taking worms, insects, and other invertebrates. A long-distance migrant, it flics strongly on tapering wings.

• NEST A thinly lined hollow in the ground, in an exposed site with a wide view for safety.

• DISTRIBIJTION Breeds in N. North America. Winters in S. Brazil. N. Argentina. Uruguay.

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