light gray back slim build slender legs fami'l' I .aridah

Species i //nis nrgf,¡tatos

pale iris

Herring Gull


fami'l' I .aridah

Species i //nis nrgf,¡tatos

DISTRIIH tion pale iris

Herring Gull w ell know n for its presence in coastal tow ns, harbors, and garbage dumps, this powerful gull, with its yodcling calls and wails, typifies the seaside lor many people. Always ready to exploit any source of food, it has become an urban scavenger, and also hunts small animals. It does not venture far out to sea but is becoming more common inland. Nesting colonies arc located on dunes, cliffs, and buildings.

• NEST A shallow cup nest, made from any plant materials locally available, and placed on the ground.

• DlSTRIBl TION Breeds throughout most of the Northern I lemisphere. Winters in the south of this range, as far as Central America. N. and N.l Africa, India, and parts ofS.E. Asia.

Family Laridaf.

Species Ijirus atriciHa

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