Curvebilled Thrasher

I his thrushlike bird lives ir arid brush anil desert scrub, along streamsides and canyons. It has a bold appearance and is usually alone or in pairs, often seen watching from a prominent perch or searching for food on the ground. Birds keep in contact with short, sharp calls. The fine, curved bill is well adapted for probing and inspecting the ground litter. The Curve-billed Thrasher feeds mainly on insects but sometimes also takes fruit.

• NliST A cup nest of twigs, lined with hair, placed in a cactus or bush.

• DISTRIBUTION Parts of inland S.W. USA and much of Mexico.

• REMARK 'Thrashers are wilder birds than mockingbirds and catbirds, avoiding human habitation. 'They arc loud singers having an elaborate, musical song, but do not mimic the songs of other birds.

• height, orange-red rye short, rounded wings


Species Chattops frenatus

alert, watchful posture

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